MetalTec Steel Abrasive Co is SGS ISO 9001 Certified

Metaltec Steel Abrasive Co. is the only American manufacturer to succeed in producing a unique bainite microstructure abrasives that meet SAE specifications for low carbon cast steel shot.
Time and again, competitive testing has shown that bainite shot wears better and lasts longer than martensitic cast steel shot.

MetalTec Bainite Cast Steel Shot

Metaltec's low carbon bainite cast steel shot is competitively priced,
with the cost advantage of longer life!

The bainite steel shot microstructure has proven to wear better and last longer than martensitic steel shot.

Bainite cast steel shot meets the SAE J2175 cast steel shot specifications for hardness, density, sizing and general appearance.

Metaltec Steel Abrasive Co. commitment to quality and customer service ensures complete satisfaction with all of our cast steel shot abrasive products.

Founded in 1981, Metaltec Steel Abrasive Company is the only American steel shot producer to succeed in the manufacturing of low carbon, Bainite cast steel shot.

Customer Service is our First Priority!

Metaltec Steel Abrasive Co. forms on-going partnerships with our customers. Metaltec's experienced service professionals will evaluate your operations and equipment, recommend improvements and cost saving measures, guide abrasives selection, and conduct in-plant training sessions. All free-of-charge!

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Talk to us about abrasives!

Talk to us about abrasives

Our premium bainite cast steel shot can be used for 1000's of different applications.

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Scrap Metal Surcharge Notice

Scrap Surcharge Notice

FROM: March 1, 2017  | TO: March 31, 2017  | RATE: $425.00


To keep up with customer demand for Metaltec's Bainite Cast Steel Shot, the owners decided in 1998 to renovate the manufacturing process. In doing so, Metaltec has increased its production capacity by 100%.

Metaltec's state-of-the-art melting operation along with our state-of-the-art attitude reflects a commitment to continuous improvement. By staying abreast of manufacturing's latest trends and advancements, Metaltec has the insight necessary to anticipate customer demands.

Today, Metaltec's bainite shot is revolutionizing blast cleaning and peening processes in plants throughout North America.

Our product is utilized for ballast material, shot bags, counterweights, ship building, steel bar drawers, heat treaters, pipe manufacturers, drum reconditioners, automotive and non-automotive foundries, farm implement manufacturer, forging industry, aluminum die casters, aluminum sand foundries, testing and engineering facilities, amusement inflatable weights, tent weights, aluminum die casting, structural steel fabricators, concrete floor blasting, concrete blasting, floor blasting, nuclear shielding, radiation shielding, ballast, steel ballast, counter weight, concrete fill, wheel blasting, drum reconditioning, and automotive rebuilders.

These are just some of the applications using our quality bainite cast steel shot abrasives.